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PROBLEM – Find the best business consultant in Charlotte

Businessman who needs a Business ConsultantDo you ever find yourself thinking....?

  • Why is it so hard to consistently meet our revenue numbers?
  • Why aren't we hitting our sales goals?
  • Have we stopped growing? Our business seems flat.
  • Shouldn't more people know about our company and what we can do for them?
  • I'm not sure I know how we stack up to others in our industry.
  • I have a better product; why are my competitors ahead of me?
  • I've got a great group of really smart people working for me, so why can't we work together as a team?
  • I want better data on my company to help me make decisions and get my team aligned.
  • My company depends on me to be at my best every day; I can't even take a real vacation!
  • I seem to be working more hours and don't have any progress to show for it?
  • I'd like to spend more time with my family!

Perhaps you should consider...

Duke Business Advisors - best business consultant in Charlotte

The Duke Business Advisors team uses the CoreValue® system--the same approach that has been used to help over 10,300 companies (generated over $6.2 billion in increased value) and is the only operational approach born at MIT, accepted by NACVA, adopted by over 50% of NIST economic offices, promoted to the American City Business Journals readership of 13MM and PROVEN to produce excellent results and get you to the next level—quickly and affordably.

WHY Choose Duke Business Advisors – best business consultant in Charlotte

Five Reasons to Choose Duke Business AdvisorsThere are five main reasons to consider Duke Business Advisors:

  1. BEST Methodology
  2. BEST Analysis
  3. BEST Results
  4. FULL Service
  5. ROI-based

Plus Duke Business Advisors will deliver the same type of quality service as notable big-name consulting firms–without paying Big Firm executive overhead! Let’s review each of these five reasons in detail:

1. BEST Methodology – for best business consultant in Charlotte

Business Consultant Proven methodologiesFirst, Duke Business Advisors uses one of the industry’s BEST and PROVEN methodologies—from CoreValue® (developed at MIT) to uncover the core problems or inefficiencies your business is facing–and show you what they are worth if you fix them.

  • Measures 18 Value Drivers. Evaluates the 18 critical drivers (operations, sales & marketing, brand, senior management, recurring revenue, etc.) that reveal the strength or holes within your current business.
  • Peer Comparisons. Uses industry databases with real numbers from actual sold businesses within your industry to calculate and predict your company’s value (within 5-10% of the accuracy of a full valuation), shows what it “could” be worth, and how to get there.
  • Standardized, Holistic Process. We analyze the totality of your company’s operational areas and leverage best practices from assessment through execution to maximize results.

2. BEST Analysis

Duke Business Advisors, in Charlotte, is one of the best consulting firms that can help you identify the RIGHT areas to work on first so you will realize the most value within your company.

  • Business Consultant best practicesQuick & Affordable. The free up-front initial assessment only takes about 15 minutes and you get a valuable, detailed report with actionable steps, just for participating. The 2nd tier assessment is usually conducted as part of the formal engagement, but it still only takes 60-90 minutes and is incredibly thorough.
  • Deep Dive Analysis. The analysis typically includes a value gap analysis, shows the increase in value over time for completed tasks, includes a ‘What If ?’ scenario to test changes, benchmarking, CoreValue rating, plus an analytics report, KPIs and more.

3. BEST Results

You get a plan of action that includes detailed tasks—ready to execute. Plus, you get the help from one of the best business consultants to get it done right—and grow your company to the next level.
Business Consultant Detailed Reports

  • Most Detailed Reports. In addition to calculating your potential business value and rating your operations, your report benchmarks you against your best performing peers. You will clearly see the risks to your company, how to fix them, and what your company could be worth after implementation.
  • Value Gap. Determines what your business would sell for today, and what it COULD be worth--based on market data showing what the best run businesses actually sell for. Then includes the detailed steps to improve your business to get the highest value—so you can increase profits now and later.
  • Workbook. Includes a workbook of specific tasks to increase company strength and value; and tracks the increased value you create over time. The dynamic, actionable plan guides you through implementing best practices, strengthening operations and building value.

4. Full Service

Business Consultant ROIOnce we’ve identified what to work on, we can help you with (list your specific services). In addition, what we don’t do personally, we can help connect you with our network of other specialist and some of the best consultants we have pre-vetted and worked with--and we can manage them, or have you connect with them directly—whatever you prefer. These can include help with PR, Lead Gen, SEO, Graphic Design, Websites, Taxes, Legal, sales, etc.

5. ROI-based - What Can You Expect?

Business Consultant 10x return

  • This process has increased value by over $4.2 billion for the companies that have used it –the average company has grown by 27%.
  • The assessment shows the holes in your operations--we do not even engage unless we can SHOW you a greater return than the cost.
  • We generate a complete list of actionable recommendations – each item calculates an associated ROI. Then we pick the area with the greatest potential ROI and get started.
  • On average, you should get a 10x return for your dollars spent.

Plus, Duke Business Advisors is the Price Performance LEADER for business consultants in Charlotte—producing similar results as some of the best-known consultants in the industry without having to pay for the high executive overhead.

Business Consultant in Charlotte best valueEasy and FREE to get started. Free assessment. Free report. There is NO cost. You get a valuable, actionable Executive Report–in minutes. It shows what you are worth, what you can be worth, and how to get there--for free. If we see a good fit and we can prove value, then our job is to guide you through the steps and help you get your return quicker.

Motivating and Exciting. The initial assessment provides hope and excitement about your direction – re-invigorates your business. The focus is on operations, not financials, with lots of client interaction: the clients like it! The actionable plan helps you invest in the process, seeing immediate progress, tangible milestones and the ROI for the work we do.

Testimonials – for Best Business Consultant in Charlotte

  • “…the assessment has been an excellent management tool
  • “Scoring all areas of the business and completing related tasks provided me with both practical and psychological rewards… “
  • “…showed us what to focus on to confidently achieve sustainability and scalability. Now, we’re not just a more profitable company, we’re a more valuable company.”

Business Consultant in Charlotte testimonials

What’s Next?

Call us at 704-953-5608 to schedule a free initial assessment of your company strength and value We also service the following cities for best consultant: Charlotte, Raleigh, Mooresville, Matthews, Salisbury, Concord, Fort Mill, Winston-Salem