Business Consultant Charlotte Nc

At Duke Business Advisors we want to help you grow your business, make your business more profitable and reduce the stress that can come along with owning and operating a business. In short, we’re here to address the needs of today’s business owners.


If you find yourself wondering how to meet your revenue and profit numbers or wondering why you’re always coming up short at the end of the month, then we can help. If you feel that your company is simply too reliant on you and want more time for you and your family, then we can help you make that happen.

We specialize in techniques and strategies to increase the strength and value of your business. This is important if you are thinking of exiting and you want or need to maximize dollars that come to you upon your exit, whether it be by sale or some other transfer means. Even if you aren’t planning to exit soon, all business owners seek a strong and valuable business. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a business consultant in Charlotte, you’ve come to the right place.


We utilize the CoreValue system to help our clients unlock the true potential in their busi  nesses. We selected CoreValue because it has been proven to have the best methodology and results. This approach was developed at MIT and has been used to help over 10000 companies increase their value over $7B.

The CoreValue process uncovers the core issues your business is facing and reveals the success that you will enjoy when inefficiencies and deficiencies are repaired. In the end, you’ll receive a plan of action and assistance that will help take you and your business to the next level.


The Value Builder System ™ is a statistically proven methodology specifically designed to improve the value of privately held businesses. What makes the system so exceptional and helpful is the Value Builder Score™ is an evaluation system driven by an algorithm; this powerful and unique algorithm evaluates a business on the 8 core value drivers acquirers take into consideration when buying a business.

Armed with a Value Builder Score™ you’ll have a powerful and comprehensive assessment of the “sellability” of your business. In the creation of the Value Builder System ™ over 40,000 businesses have been analyzed in order to understand the factors which impact a business’ sellability and the size of the offer you may receive. We can use this ingenious system to help you build the value of your business and even chart your progress against benchmarks along the way. Whether you are looking for a small business consultant in Charlotte or a consultant in Charlotte for a medium sized business, the answer is Duke Business Advisors.


Among our tools, we also feature the Owner’s Path. The Owners Path is our free 12 key element business success assessment. You’ll learn where you stand in 12 important areas: Lender Compliance, Reporting Trade-Lines, Business Credit Scores, Becoming Bankable, Pre-Qualified Funding, Local Search Rankings, Search Engine Placement, Reviews and Star Ratings, Social Media Engagement, NAP Valuation, Mobile Map Listings and Owner’s Earnings. Together these 12 vital elements paint a picture of business’s future.

Options for a small business consultant in Charlotte, NC or a consultant for a medium sized business in the area don’t come more comprehensive, focused or proven than Duke Business Advisors. Any business looking to grow or prepare its exit strategy needs the kind of tools and experience that we can provide.