Value Growth Consulting

Value Growth Consulting


Have you ever found yourself thinking….?

  • Why are we are having trouble meeting our revenue and profit numbers?
  • My bookkeeper tells me we are making a profit; then why are we always short of cash?
  • How do we stack up to others in the industry?
  • How can I ensure I have the data I need to make good business decisions?
  • I’m frustrated and know we can do better, but what should we work on first?
  • My company is almost totally reliant on me. How can I get more time off for myself or for my family?
  • I am working more and more, and we still aren’t getting ahead!
  • My team is dysfunctional; their performance is not close to what I think it should be.
  • I am thinking about selling my business - what is a realistic price that I could receive?
  • Is my business even sellable or do I need to make “fixes” to get any offer?
  • I want to get an investment or a loan, but would my business qualify?
Value Growth Consulting

Whether being a business owner is relatively new to you or you have been at it for years, it can be frustrating to have these kinds of questions, doubts and concerns.  Since most businesses don’t make it to their ten-year anniversary and very few businesses make it past $1 million in revenue these concerns can be more than frustrating. And just because the business makes it past the $1 million revenue doesn’t mean these sorts of issues go away. These are universal issues, and we have found they scale from small to large companies.

So, What Can You Do?...

1.   Do nothing.

 You could plug along doing the same thing – but expecting different results. But isn’t this just kicking the problem down the road?

2.   Keep putting in more time.

You could hope that if you put in even more hard work and perseverance that you’ll start seeing greater results. (But so much for more family time!)

3.   Get help.

Of course, getting help is always an option. But here is the big question. How can you discover the real strategic or tactical issues holding you back? And can it be done quickly and at an affordable price?


At Duke Business Advisors we use proven methodologies not only to uncover core problems or inefficiencies your business is facing, but also to show what fixing those core problems is worth. Through a process utilizing a variety of diagnostic tools and guidance, we can effectively help you solve business challenges.

Our services are for all business owners and executives who are experiencing business challenges and may need help turning their company – one area at a time – into a best-in-class operation. It is especially aimed at anyone who may need to access capital or implement a succession or exit plan in the next 1 to 5 years. In short, this applies to you.


Consider two similar companies in the same industry. Each have $25 million in revenue and $3 million in EBITDA. One sells at a multiple of 4 and the other at a multiple of 6.5. Do the math.

$3,000,000 X 6.5 = $19,500,000

$3,000,000 X 4.0 = $12,000,000

Difference =  $7,500,000

The higher value company has all its key market and operational drivers in order and working together. This is the impact that we can bring to your business. And by the way, if your numbers have one less zero on the end, it still works!